GOODONYA Hydrate | Daily Electrolytes + Minerals

Fun fact:

Did you know that at about 5000+ feet you lose more moisture through your skin and breathing than you do normally at sea level? On a 10-hour flight you can lose as much as 1-2 liters of water.
Drink up people!

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Hydrate is

an organic, low sugar way to get natural minerals + electrolytes into your body every day. Hydrate tastes real, (because it is), works amazing and travels well. With just 7 carbs and 1g of sugar it’s a delicious way to prevent dehydration and get much needed electrolytes + minerals + trace minerals into your diet. This is Organic Hydration® at its best.


Organic lemon juice, Aquamin (magnesium sea minerals), organic coconut water, organic water processed stevia leaf extract, Himalayan pink salt, vitamin C

Directions for your personal taste

A tablespoon of Hydrate + 16oz of water is a great place to start.

Best Practice: Add Hydrate to about ¼ of the water in your bottle and shake hard.
Then fill your bottle with the rest of the water and shake a bit more.

For some this ratio won’t be sweet enough (you know who you are) and for some it will be too sweet. So work with your own personal ratios, you are the boss here, anything goes.

Hydrate mixes very well because we do not have any silicon dioxide or other weird anti-caking agents hidden in our powders. But it is still a powder with natural salts, so shake it like you mean it!

Benefits of electrolytes + minerals + trace minerals

Just like vitamins, minerals help your body develop and grow, as well as about billion other things. Literally a billion! Tell me more! about Benefits